It is for good reasons that the larger non-profit organizations have their own fundraising department. They also specialise within their own organization. Fundraising is a complex matter.

The telephone is a very versatile fundraising instrument. There are a great many intrinsic ways to use the phone for fundraising. But it  also cooperates very well with other methods and means of fundraising. Below you will find a list of possible ways to use the phone in your fundraising efforts:

  • Acquiring new donors
  • Clarifying existind donor relations
  • Extending donor life time & increasing life time value
  • Reactivating inactive donors
  • Upgrading the value of existing donors
  • Giving via notarial deeds

One of the great advantages of using the telephone is that your donor lists are being kept up to date in direct communication with your donors. While we call them we can adjust name or other spelling details, take address changes and otherwise acquire information that may help you build a better relationship with your donors. 

Working closely with our clients we develop a plan together  to see how we can make the fundraising budget work most efficiently, given the targets that you have set yourself.