Everybody thinks of themselves they are good. We think we are the best telephone fundraisers of the Netherlands. We have proven it many times in tests against other companies.

But much more important is that we would love to give you references of some of our loyal clients when you make contact with us. Below you find what some well-known international consultants say about our work.


Roger Craver

Founder of Craver Mathews Smith in the USA and Delphi in The Netherlands, Roger was the man who was the pioneer in direct Mail and Telephone Fundraising in the USA

"A pioneer in telefundraising, Henk Smit, first developed many of the successful programs now in use today in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Scandanavia and the U.K.  And he hasn't stopped breaking new ground when it comes to innovative, productive telefundraising programs designed to meet today's changing market."


Tony Elischer

Founder of Think Consultancy, Tony works worldwide as a much sought after consultant and speaker at fundraising conferences

"Henk is one of the true pioneers and experts in telephone fundraising and the use of technology to engage people and build relationships. He generously shares his expertise and insights across borders to help different countries develop tailored programmes using the full power of the telephone; plus Henk is a true gentleman with real passion for the not-for-profit sector worldwide."


Daryl Upsall

Worked more than 20 years as a fundraiser in organizations like Greenpeace International and Terence Higgins Trust before he founded his own consultancy, Daryl Upsall Consultancy International

"Henk Smit has been a pioneer and innovator of telephone fundraising in Europe since the mid 1990s when I first had the pleasure of working with him when I was at Greenpeace International. He effectively brought professional "telephone fundraising" not "telemarketing" into the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. His telephone fundraising agency  "Reactie & Respons" is at the cutting edge of building long long-lasting and high value donor relationships in the Netherlands."